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Programming Environments Manual (PEM)
PDF Version (3.2 MB)
Programming Interface Manual (PIM)
PDF Version (2.9 MB)
AltiVec Technical Specifications

A significant level of technical detail on AltiVecTM Technology can be found in the two Motorola manuals listed here. Both can be downloaded as .pdf files; as you can see, they are large files.

The AltiVec Technology Programming Environments Manual (PEM) is designed for use as a reference guide by software developers. It will help developers create software that is compatible with the family of PowerPCTM processors using AltiVec Technology. In the manual are descriptions of how AltiVec Technology relates to both the 64- and the 32-bit portions of the PowerPC architecture.

The AltiVec Technology Programming Interface Manual (PIM) is designed to be used as a guide for high-level programmers. It provides a mechanism for programmers to access Altivec functionality from languages such as C and C++. The AltiVec PIM defines a programming model for use with the Altivec instruction set extension to the PowerPC architecture.