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The AltiVec.orgTM Web site serves the AltiVecTM user community in two ways: it provides a resource base for information about AltiVec technology, and it provides a hub for communication about AltiVec technology and its implementation. An open and active exchange of ideas will encourage a rapid adoption of the technology across a broad range of application areas.

Information Resources offers information at various levels of detail and in multiple formats. These include white papers, presentations, training materials, conference materials, and reprints of magazine articles. Many of these are available as downloadable files.

The information is organized to serve the needs of different types of users. Introductory materials will help individuals just learning about AltiVec technology to become more familiar with the basic design concepts, their advantages, and how they are implemented. More detailed information exists for those interested in moving beyond basic concepts. There is, for example, a 90-slide Training Presentation which users can access and download.


To facilitate a highly interactive interchange of ideas, hosts an email distribution list, [email protected] Any email sent to this address will be forwarded to all individuals who wish to join the list.

Anyone can place their name on the list by going to the Email Group section of this Website. In addition, messages (and replies) using the list are archived and can be easily viewed.

Anyone may download files and participate in the email group, [email protected]

Open to Contributions
Individuals, organizations, and companies are encouraged to contribute articles, white papers, presentations, software examples, tools, or code fragments. An open exchange of insights, ideas, and implementations offers a great benefit to the community as a whole.