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AltiVec Articles & Papers

This section contains articles and papers focused on AltiVec Technology. They are divided into two categories, Introductory and Technical.

Introductory Articles

Technical Articles and Papers

Introductory Articles

"Motorola's Next PowerPC(tm) Architecture with AltiVec(tm) Technology" (a slide set)
By Naras Iyengar
In October 1999, at Microprocessor Forum, Motorola disclosed an upcoming PowerPC architecture. These are the slides Motorola used at that event. The slides simply say "Second G4 PowerPC microarchitecture". The naming shorthand verbally used during the disclosure was "G4A2". More...

"Blending Processor Types to Overcome Stream Computing"
By Craig Lund
This article examines AltiVec and other kinds of microprocessor technology in the context of a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) application. More...

"Programming Applications for the AltiVec Architecture"
By Richard Jaenicke
Contains two simple programming examples using the new AltiVec instructions. More...

"A New Definition of Performance - AltiVec Technology"
By Kalpesh Gala
A brief introduction of AltiVec Technology and applications where it will be most useful. More...

"AltiVec for Real-Time Multiprocessor Implementations"
By Steve Paavola
A paper discussing the advantages offered by Altivec Technology for high-end, real-time applications. More...

"AltiVec(tm) Technology Simplifies the Design of High Performance Embedded Applications"
By Sam Fuller
Looks at how using AltiVec Technology can address current performance bottlenecks for real-time systems. More...

"Breakthrough Technology Spawns Supercomputer on a Chip: MPC7400 and AltiVec"
By Kalpesh Gala
An introduction to the PowerPC 7400's implementation of AltiVec Technology. More...

"The Penguin Has Landed"
By Kalpesh Gala
A brief update on the status of AltiVec-enabled Linux. More...

Technical Articles and Papers

"Cryptography, Finite Fields, and AltiVec"
By Bradley Lucier
This article explains how to exploit the AltiVec instruction set to speed the basic operationsin vector spaces over a finite field. More...

"An Open Systems Approach to Real-Time Signal Processing Using AltiVec Technology"
By Richard Jaenicke
This article addresses the integration of AltiVec Technology in open software and hardware architectures. More...

"PowerPC(tm) MicroProcessor with AltiVec Technology"
By Sam Fuller
Presents the systems engineers answer to revolutionizing life cycle COTS design paradigms with software-based high performance computing. More...