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QNX : Performance to Telecom Systems

QNX RTOS supports MPC7400 with AltiVec Technology

Motorola: Motorola's New MPC7400 Microprocessor

Motorola's New MPC7400 Microprocessor Delivers Quantum Performance Leap for Embedded and Desktop Systems

Apple: Introducing the PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine.

The first supercomputer on a chip.

Mercury: Mercury Computer Systems Quadruples Processing

New RACE VME Systems Using Next-Generation PowerPC Microprocessors with AltiVec Technology Achieve 130 GFLOPS per Cubic Foot

SKY : SKY Introduces Merlin

Merlin Delivers 10.6 GFLOPS on a Single 6U VME Board

TeraGlobal: TeraGlobal Communications Launches TeraMedia

TeraGlobal Communications Launches TeraMedia Communications Network Service at Motorola "HORIZONS `99" Conference

PowerLogix: Adobe Agrees To Post Altivec Enhanced Photoshop Plug-ins

Adobe has informed PowerLogix that they will be posting Altivec enhanced Photoshop plug-ins for free download on the Adobe web site in the next 2-3 weeks. Previously these plug-ins were only available with PowerMac G4s; now they will be available for G4 upgrade buyers as well.

PSR: Automatic Vectorization for AltiVec

Pacific Sierra Research announces automatic creation of vector code for Motorola AltiVec chips, with VAST-C/AltiVec. VAST-C/AltiVec is a vectorizing preprocessor that automatically replaces loops in C programs with inline AltiVec vector extensions.